My first threesome….Thank you @ohliveyax  (at The Smoke Haus Cardiff)
She also used the coolest warping paper ever
So @ohliveyax totally spoilt me for my birthday!! #TomFord #vinyl #drive #thiswilldestroyyou #thebreakfastclub
Merch delivery included my @dmndyouth beanie #swearimnotobsessed
Juno lounge upping the pulled pork game
I have pizza socks. Did I just win pop punk?
So this happened @thegaslightanthem
This is my “week of night shifts is over” face!
I would’ve gotten away with it to , if it wasn’t for those…..
(Check the tag line)
A little over 6 months ago, I brought this lady to wagamamas on our first date. Seemed kinda apt to come back for the half year milestone. @ohliveyax